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April 29, 2014

Mobile Learning by Coursera

Technology has taken a large step forward with available mobile learning apps from Coursera with access to over 600 courses from over 100 institutions including Yale and Stanford.  The courses are also available in 12 languages ranging from English to Russian along with numerous other languages.  Coursera is an on-line education company specializing in offering free courses for students to advance and improve their lives.  They recently created an iOS based app and now they have created an android app.

In order to cater to the international markets Coursera has chosen to keep the apps simple and user friendly since many of the international students do not always have access to the latest in technology such as smart phones or laptops.  To further strengthen its reach to the international community, Coursera offers courses in over 12 languages.  The goal of Coursera is to offer a quality education to everyone, improve the student lives, their families’ lives, and their community.

Coursera offers a wide range of courses as well as specializations with a series of courses designed to work together enabling students to master skills necessary to them and satisfy any potential needs.  The truly amazing part is that it all can be achieved while on the go and while the student works at their job.  This offers flexibility and the ability for students to design courses to advance their current career path leading to a brighter future.  Basically, what Coursera gives its students is an opportunity for a better future and their reach is anywhere worldwide.   Students design their own schedule from anywhere and receive achievement once they complete the course.  With the advancements that they have incorporated, the future is looking bright for Coursera and all its students worldwide.


Edited by Maurice Nagle

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