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April 29, 2014

Gowex Names Miami Third 'Smart City' in United States

One of the leading providers of smart cities, GOWEX has announced there is another American city on its tally. Gowex’s third Wi-Fi city in the United States is Miami, following both New York and San Francisco being added to the rolls in 2013.  The agreement between the city of Miami and Gowex is one that is being billed by both sides as one that can be beneficial especially when trying to lure new businesses to town.

The added benefit of billing Miami as the “Latin Capital” of the United States means that there are very specific business opportunities that even New York and San Francisco can’t offer up. This move is a follow up to an agreement that was struck back in March of last year that saw Gowex install more than 2,000 smart Wi-Fi Zones in New York.

In June, the company followed up that rollout in California. Next May, Miami officially becomes the third trial city that the company has attempted to turn into a Smart City in the US. "Personally, I feel very comfortable at Miami, I have a special fondness because it was the city in which I initiated and developed a big part of my business and career" stressed Jenaro Garcia, and founder of GOWEX, in a recent statement announcing the move.  Garcia added that Miami carries quite a bit of strategic advantages because of its geographic location and citizenry makeup.

While Miami is the greatest beneficiary of this deal, Gowex stands to see some benefits as well. Among the things Gowex will get back is advertising income, thanks to a smart advertising platform that is built into the Wi-Fi network. There are also going to be some loading and roaming incomes and other incomes that will come directly from the Gowex smart cities platform in various ways.

The agreement will see more than 400 hotspots in the city’s main business and tourism districts. The hotspots will be set out around Lenox Avenue, Biscayne Boulevard, Collins Avenue., Miracle Mile, and Flagler Street—or at Ocean Drive as well as other spots around the city.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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