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April 30, 2014

Apple Offers Free Fix for Faulty iPhone 5 On/Off Buttons

Complaints have been rising about the sleep/wake button on the iPhone5, which has proved problematic on some users' phones. In particular, some of the devices manufactured through March of 2013 had a defect that would eventually cause the button to fail over long term usage. To help remedy the situation, Apple has offered to fix the faulty buttons on their customers' phones absolutely free of charge, so long as the phone is still in good working order and has a qualifying serial number.

Hopefully, this fix will help prevent any large-scale backlash against the company, which is well worth the price of replacing the defective button on every affected phone on the market. Users will also have a variety of options to choose from: either mail in your iPhone 5 via the instructions on Apple's Web site, or directly take it in to an Apple store or any other authorized service provider.

Not only will the phone be repaired within four to six days, but the company will even loan out 16GB iPhone 5s for customers to use in the meantime. After all, almost an entire week is a long time to go without a phone.

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In fact, a little bit of brains could help customers upgrade their affected iPhone 5 to a brand new 5C or 5S absolutely free. 9ToMac.com makes the suggestion that American customers make an appointment at the Genius Bar to trade in their affected phone to get up to $350 in store credit, citing internal Apple documents that support the claim. While Apple employees have been specifically instructed not to mention this little detail to customers who don't directly ask for it, likely due to the fact that the issued credit is worth up to $80 more than the current limit on non-affected devices, customers smart enough to ask for it will be rewarded.

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