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April 30, 2014

Collaborative Input Now Shared in Real Time, Thanks to BoardwalkTech

Excel spreadsheets can be a great help in keeping a project on track, making sure deliverables stay on schedule and assuring that everyone is kept in the loop. But when you have a team of people contributing to the project, that collaboration effort can quickly come undone when changes are made and you suddenly have several versions of what should be one Master Sheet, floating around.

That very problem is what led BoardwalkTech, Inc., a provider of enterprise spreadsheet data management solutions, to develop and roll out its latest innovation, Boardwalk Communicator.

Some background info: The spreadsheet is arguably the most widely used business application for anything to do with numbers—there’s simply no other application that can be used by business users to put together budgets, forecasts, expense reports, or any number of other applications. The problem comes when you want to share your spreadsheet with others—how do you do it? The most common way is through email, which leaves you spending hours consolidating input from your collaborators. Then, when you finally do collect everyone’s input, you still can’t easily find out what’s changed. 

“We developed Boardwalk Communicator to address this business problem in a way that is in keeping with the way business users like to work with spreadsheets— that is, how do you easily and securely share spreadsheet data between a group of people while letting the users continue to work in Excel on the desktop,” said Andrew Duncan, CEO of BoardwalkTech. “Plus, you want all changes automatically consolidated and fully auditable in a single version of the truth in a secure, and patented data environment running in the cloud or behind your firewall. That is Boardwalk Communicator.”

Best of all, the new Excel spreadsheet works in a way that is familiar and comfortable for all participants.

“Boardwalk Communicator works the way business users work today,” Duncan said. “Users make changes to the spreadsheet on their desktop, updating numbers, adding rows, adjusting formulas and then, when they are ready to share, they submit their changes to the Boardwalk Communicator Server. These changes are then immediately consolidated and other users can then refresh their spreadsheets to see the changes show up at a cell level, and all changes are tracked with a complete audit trail.”

Duncan emphasized that Boardwalk Communicator can be used in any industry or application where spreadsheet data sharing, collaboration and management is important. And from a security standpoint, users are assured their data is safe.

“User access to the data is securely managed by the Boardwalk Communicator Server, which becomes the single version of the truth for a company’s spreadsheet-based data,” Duncan emphasized. “You can only get access to the data and to see what’s changed if you are an authorized Boardwalk Communicator user.”

In short, Boardwalk Communicator can now deliver what had once only been hoped for: a secure, collaborative method of sharing data via a common spreadsheet in real time. For more information go to http://www.bwcommunicator.com/

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