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May 01, 2014

IBM Releases New Apps for its MobileFirst Portfolio

With mobile apps taking over the market, IBM responded with an expansion of its MobileFirst application portfolio targeting enterprise-level customers. This will allow these businesses to not only take advantage of mobile technology, but also the cloud as well. They can also work with IBM consultants for help in developing customized solutions.

MobileFirst offers valuable development tools for enterprises. One of the most important features is the support for cross platform development. According to the MobileFirst site, 84 percent of developers target Android; 62 percent target iOS and 52 percent target Windows phone.

There are only a few ways to address this demand and only one of them is desirable. You can choose one platform and ignore the others; support all platforms and tediously maintain multiple code bases or you can use features like those found in MobileFirst to maintain one code base that targets multiple platforms. To a large corporation, like a multinational bank, the kind of company IBM seeks as a customer, only the third option is acceptable.

Another MobileFirst product that speeds development time is ReadyApps. This is a set of business applications that comes with most of the source code infrastructure in place. All that it needs is a little tweaking and the apps can be customized for an enterprise’s specific needs. It’s similar to having a document template that has most of the functionality built in. You would be able to customize the document to meet your requirements without having to create the document and format it from scratch.

Other solutions include a Connected Home app that can be used in an automated home to manage HVAC systems to optimize energy use and a retail app that manages inventory and productivity. Businesses that want to use MobileFirst, but do not have the staff or skillset to develop IBM’s MobileFirst apps can work with consultants at any one of several IBM MobileFirst studios in major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and the world.

The old adage that you won’t be fired for choosing IBM may still apply to the MobileFirst portfolio. Companies that need to get into the 21st Century when it comes to mobile technology have many feasible options with IBM’s latest mobile offerings. They also have the flexibility of developing it all themselves, partially or through IBM’s consultants. This is critical to meeting the present needs of employees and customers. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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