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May 06, 2014

Salista Software's Kitt Brings Browser Extension to iPhone

The browser is a very important component of how we get online and interact on the Internet to work, play and purchase products and services. Users choose their favorite browser based on many different criteria, including the type of add-ons it supports. As more people use their mobile device to get online, they are finding out not all mobile devices support extensions. Currently no iPhone web browser supports extensions, even though 85 percent of Firefox users and 33 percent of Chrome users have at least one extension installed on their desktop browser. Salsita Software is about to change all that by bringing browser extensions to the iPhone with the Kitt, a new mobile web browser.

Kitt is an extensible web browser for the iPhone with a full-fledged browser extension framework supporting a wide range of subset popular framework used by Google Chrome, making it easy to adapt Chrome extensions for the iPhone. The extensions can use the different features on the iPhone, including location services, accelerometer, camera access and more.

The Kitt extension will allow developers to create customized extension or adapt their existing desktop extensions to run in this mobile browser with support based on the Google Chrome platform APIs. The browser is in beta and it is open to developers leading to the launch this coming summer. The company is working with several different vendors to introduce popular browser extensions and make it available for the public launch.

“Before Kitt, developers of popular extensions had no option but to re-implement their desktop extensions as native mobile apps. But native apps can't replace the convenience of browser extensions. Do you really want to fire up one app for your ad blocker, a second to manage passwords and yet another to compare prices while shopping?” said  Matthew Gertner, CEO of Salsita.

Salsita specializes in developing high-end software with JavaScript engineering as well as complex web applications and HTML5 based mobile apps for its customers around the world. This includes developing cross-platform browser extensions for all the major desktop and mobile web browsers. Using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 allows Salsita to deliver global standard for content presentation, design and interaction so their applications can run on any platform and serve as a basis for web, mobile, and desktop apps as well as browser extensions. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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