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May 07, 2014

Tangerine Partners Up with Engage Mobility for New Mobile Game

For a limited time you can download a new game called Jewelion for free—taking advantage of both mobility and social media. Mobile game developer, Tangerine Pop, partnered with Engage Mobility to take its new game, Jewelion to the next level by allowing players to connect with one another on a multitude of mediums.

The game takes you on a magical adventure where you become the apprentice to a powerful Archon named Sobel. With over 130 levels you find yourself shifting through a world filled with mystical diamonds and trying to match as many as you can to continue moving up through the levels. The levels get more challenging as you matriculate through them, so do the challenges. For example, in level 33 you have six items you need to find and are only given five minutes to get them.

However, it’s not just the game that is getting people excited, it’s additions. For example, the developers have created a Facebook page and Twitter account. This allows for people to discuss what level they are on, ask for hints, and even ask the developers themselves for questions. They can recommend things they want changed and ideas for future upgrades.

"We are excited to work with Tangerine Pop and promote the growth of Jewelion. It's an incredible game and we want everyone to have a chance to enjoy and play it," explained Jim Byrd Engage Mobility CEO. "Tangerine Pop is one of the top game story tellers in mobile gaming and they have selected Engage to help tell that story around the world."

With it’s latest upgrade, the game added a slew of other languages to broaden its reach to more players besides those in the United States. Additionally, the game now has optimized image compression to help performance and reduce file size, and a new shop update with new helper IAPs.

The game can currently be downloaded for free through the iTunes app store. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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