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June 03, 2014

Ericsson to Provide Taiwan Mobile with Charging System and Service-Aware Policy Controller

New, faster networks are allowing telecom operators around the world the ability to provide more digital services that can be monetized. The deployment of 4G and LTE networks along with lower price points for smartphones and tablets provides more opportunities as telecoms achieve higher customer saturation points. Once all available customers have been acquired, operators have to introduce new services to continue monetizing their offering. Monitoring these offerings requires applications that can provide full control of all the services.

In order to gain full access and give its customers a more personalized service, Taiwan Mobile has chosen Ericsson for its charging system and service-aware policy controller.

Under this agreement Taiwan Mobile will implement these two platforms to its post-paid LTE subscribers to increase its flexibility packaging services as well as personalizing and monetizing its offerings. As data usage continues to increase among the customer base in Taiwan, the company will have the ability to set controls on a per-user or per-group basis. The solution will help deal with fair usage by optimizing network utilization, giving users that require high or varying bandwidth the option of obtaining the service.

"As data traffic increases in Taiwan, we want to offer our customers greater flexibility, freedom and control over their data usage, and the implementation of this solution will help achieve that goal," said CH Jih, CTO of Taiwan Mobile.

The Ericsson Charging System is a modular, scalable, open, single convergent charging system that offers services tailored to a variety of customer segments to capture an assortment of revenue streams. The platform is cloud-ready and cloud-enabled and it comes pre-integrated with content and CRM, mediation, provisioning, self-care, policy, catalog and traffic management. Some of the key features include: fully configurable tariff system; scalable, modular architecture; full mobile broadband charging functionality; and real-time convergent charging.

The Ericsson Service-Aware Policy Controller (SAPC) allows operators to increase revenue through personalized services, while optimizing network resources. The SAPC is a high-capacity, telecom-grade policy server that enables traffic control for a wide range of services. With SAPC, operators can set policies on a per-user or per-user-group basis, control access to premium content, control access based on accumulated usage and optimize utilization of network resources by applying quality-of-service control.

"As the sole provider, Ericsson will deliver these turn-key solutions to Taiwan Mobile whose subscribers will then be able to control their personal usage in real time, purchasing additional services based on their unique needs," said Jan Signell, Head of Ericsson Region North East Asia.

Taiwan Mobile was incorporated in the Republic of China ("ROC") in 1997, and it is one of the largest operators in Taiwan offering mobile, fixed line, cable TV and broadband services. The company has three additional brands under its umbrella: Taiwan Mobile, TWM Broadband and TWM Business Solution.

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