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June 10, 2014

Israeli Company Demonstrating New Mobile Content Delivery at Mobile Asia Expo

The Mobile Asia Expo 2014 in Shanghai is right around the corner. Between June 11-13, mobile tech companies will be giving demonstrations of some of the newest innovations around. One such company is Israel-based Saguna Networks. Saguna Networks, a company that brings cloud computing services 4G LTE networks, has announced on June 6 that they will be demoing their newest product, Saguna CODS OPEN-RAN, at the massive expo.

Saguna's CODS products are a solution to the growing usage of data over mobile networks, hoping to address issues caused by network congestion. Saguna CODS Open-RAN will bring content right to the mobile user, taking advantage of cloud computing and integration with 4G networks.

Using distributed computing within the 4G Radio Access Network, Saguna CODS Open-RAN will bring Content Delivery Networks into the mobile 4G Radio Access. This will allow for content caching, DNS caching and DNS serving, web acceleration, and video optimization.

The Mobile Asia Expo 2014 will be an excellent opportunity for Saguna to showcase their new product to some of the biggest players in mobile technology.

“The fast-growing Chinese mobile market demands effective and scalable content delivery solutions. With the world’s largest mobile operator and leading network equipment vendors, China is paving the way in technology innovation and scale,” said Gilad Haver, VP Sales at Saguna Networks. “Saguna CODS Open-RAN provides a winning value proposition for the mobile market in China and worldwide: great user experience, lower network costs and new monetization opportunities.”

Saguna will have its own booth at the expo, where visitors will get to see live demonstrations of the new technology. The presentation will demonstrate how Saguna CODS Open-RAN creates an  optimized network that will yielding outstanding results in webpage load time, video retrieval and start time and more.

Those lucky enough to be at the Mobile Asia Expo can find the Saguna booth in Hall N2, Stand E215. 

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