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June 14, 2014

Mobility TechZone Week in Review

Mobile devices are everywhere now, and it appears that the future is today. Tablets and Smartphones offer the entire wealth of knowledge that is the Internet at our fingertips, as well as the apps and communication protocols that make it possible to connect with one another for business just as easily as pleasure. New developments like last week's big unveil of the iOS 8 operating system for Apple products are constantly striking the industry, so let's take a look back at some of this week's top articles about mobile devices and how they're used today.

One of the most talked about new products is the rumored Amazon Smartphone. While the details of the device are still under heavy wraps, many industry leaders speculate that the device could be launched at an upcoming Amazon event scheduled for June 18th, featuring Amazo  CEO Jeff Bezos. The market may be already saturated with a wide selection of Smartphones, the fact that Amazon already has such a diverse product line that includes apps and content for mobile devices means that they could serve a surprisingly popular niche.

Of course, other companies are looking to stay ahead of the curve by branching out from the dichotomy of a smartphone/tablet mindset. Rumors persist that this fall could see the release of a new wave of Apple products, including a hybrid tablet/smartphone iPhone 6 dubbed the phablet as well as the elusive iWatch. The iPhone 6 in a phablet form brings all of the capabilities and power of a tablet in a package small enough to take just about anywhere, while the iWatch provides a convenient biometrics tracker for health monitoring as well as the communications properties of an iPhone. Of course, these are still rumors, and anything could happen between now and September.

More rumors from apple also include the possibility that the new iOS 8 could include a screen-sharing feature. While the feature was not announced at the iOS 8 reveal, some clever detective work on code analysis was able to coax a prototype version of the feature on the newly released software developer kit (SDK). If included in the release, it will mark the first major tablet to include such a feature for interacting with two apps simultaneously.

Finally, AeroMexico is slated to become the first Latin American airline company to offer in-flight Wi-Fi services. These services are becoming increasingly popular, and show that smartphones and other mobile devices hold a considerable sway in the entertainment practices of the transportation industry. Travelers are more likely to choose an airline that offers in-flight Wi-Fi over one that does not, which will create a domino effect in the market where those who don't fall in line and offer the service will drop out of the business entirely.

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