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June 17, 2014

Customer Engagement Helps Verint Manage Enterprise Feedback

The Internet, mobile technology and social media have dramatically changed the relationship enterprises have with their customers and employees. As the technology continues to evolve so has this relationship, and the ability to gather, analyze and act on the feedback organizations receive is allowing businesses to introduce better products, improve customer loyalty and increase revenues. The new improvements Verint Systems has applied in its Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution will enhance multichannel customer engagement, extended mobile SMS delivery, cross-survey reporting and analysis.

The new additions are part of the company's Voice of the Customer Analytics portfolio which was introduced earlier this year as part of Verint's platform to help organizations extend their multichannel customer engagements solutions.

As individual consumers continue to make mobile technology their primary computing platform, it presents many opportunities to deliver multichannel interactions. If these interactions are properly analyzed, they can provide real-time solutions by collecting actionable intelligence with cross-survey analysis and reporting.

The Verint voice of the customer (VoC) program is able to capture structured and unstructured feedback into the customer journey across multiple channels and analyze this information. This includes e-mail, mobile, post-call IVR, Web and SMS. The SMS delivery model is designed to take advantage of a technology that proactively engages customers with response rates and real-time access to valuable feedback at a point of interaction. The EFM allows organizations to manage their SMS server program with a new direct interface to standard SMS gateways.

The interface simplifies the integration of SMS survey capability to directly receive, aggregate and display results from the data customers provide across all channels on a single platform. This gives organizations a platform that translates data with contextual analysis and better management of integrated multichannel customer survey programs with reduced turnaround time.

"By partnering with Verint for their customer engagement programs, today’s organizations are even better equipped to help capture, analyze and act on the cross-channel communications, using Actionable Intelligence to engage both their customers and employees, and deliver customer engagement excellence with every interaction," said Alain Stephan, global vice president, customer analytics, Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions.

Verint EFM lets enterprises gain a holistic view of the customer experience by:

  • Sharing data with critical stakeholders and showcase actionable results using customizable, interactive dashboards, branded reports, and embeddable widgets;
  • Centralizing survey responses — as well as data from other systems — in customer panels, enabling personalized surveys, intelligent interaction and creating robust, detailed reports;
  • Easily aggregating and creating a single-view analysis of response data across multiple surveys, time periods, and individual customers;
  • Managing a single, enterprise survey and case management solution to drive action and accountability in a closed-loop process, across the organization;
  • Unifying siloed approaches, disparate systems, and disjointed processes to facilitate better, more informed business decisions;
  • Scaling the product to thousands of users with a rich feature set of permissions and workflows to ensure brand standards and protect customer data.

The Verint Actionable Intelligence solutions are used by more than 10,000 organizations in over 180 countries, including more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100. As more technology becomes available in which organizations are able to interact with the customers, it is important to recognize the importance of each interaction because of the valuable insights it provides for the journey the customer takes with the company.


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