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June 25, 2014

Energous Signs Wireless Charging Deal with Pocons

Energous Corporation has announced that Pocons, a Korean mobile phone parts supplier, has signed a joint development agreement to embed the Pleasanton, Calif.-based company’s WattUp wireless charging technology into its devices.

"Energous currently has the most versatile wire-free charging technology in development and will help Pocons deliver a generation of charging solutions that is above and beyond competing technologies," said Pocons General Manager Kyung Nam Lee. "Without a doubt, WattUp-enabled wire-free charging will be a compelling sales driver for years to come."

Wireless charging is growing as more people adopt smartphones and tablets with expanding capabilities and growing power requirements. Having to charge these devices is becoming a daily annoyance, especially for people who find themselves caught without their chargers. While these devices can obviously still be used when plugged into a conventional charger, it can be cumbersome with the cord taking away the mobility of mobile devices. Wireless charging mats are no better, since the devices have to be physically on top of them.

Energous’ WattUp differs from other wireless charging methods in that it doesn’t require a special mat but uses wireless frequencies to charge the devices, allowing users to walk around and still use their smartphones and tablets while charging.

The company’s strategy, while still developing the technology, is to license it to OEM manufacturers like Pocons and companies that develop wireless hardware such as Wi-Fi routers. The company has signed similar deals with other Korean companies such as Hanbit and Dong-Hwa to embed the technology into their products. A major manufacturer like Apple or Samsung building in its wireless charging technology would be a real coup.

The company is optimistic about its future.

"As industry buzz continues to grow about wire-free charging, Pocons offers Energous an ideal vehicle to demonstrate the freedom WattUp offers: freedom from mats, freedom from cords and freedom from constantly having to plug in a device to get power," said  Energous CEO Stephen R. Rizzone. "Our agreement with Pocons offers even more validation that WattUp represents the future of wire-free charging."

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