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July 19, 2014

Mobility TechZone Week in Review

The past week has been an exciting time for mobile technology. Not only is new technology developed every day in the field, but the service providers who run the supporting infrastructure are also constantly changing strategies in order to please consumers—thus making larger profits. Let's take a look at some of the top headlines from the past week in mobile technology.

Leading breathalyzer manufacturer BACtrack is always on the lookout for new ways to reduce the problem of drunk driving, and their latest release of a smartphone breathalyzer will likely make a big difference in how people measure their sobriety. The tool is a combination of an app and a small device that users can plug into their smartphones through the headphone jack or the USB port. One of the more interesting features the app offers is a “What's Your BAC?” tool, which prompts users to guess their current BAC before blowing into the device. This allows users to better judge their BAC in the future, ultimately leading to safer roads.

Sprint also made the announcement this week that they have rolled out a new set of Business Fusion Plans for business customers, starting at only $15 monthly with a qualifying smartphone purchase. The Fusion Plan is aimed at helping businesses manage multiple devices like tablets and smartphones, similar to a lightweight unified communications model. It also helps them skirt around the costs associated with shared data plans.

Meanwhile the number of 4G LTE connections globally is expanding quickly, and a report by Juniper Research was released this week that predicts that this number will surpass one billion connections by the year 2017. The study also makes the estimate that the number of active 4G LTE connections will grow through 2019, at which point it could reach as many as 1.8 billion connections.

Also released earlier this week was a new set of Otterbox phone cases for the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S5. These cases exemplify the idea that users don't have to sacrifice style for protection when it comes to the protection of their increasingly valuable smartphones, and this series of cases features a theme called 'Brazilian Pop!' The case also reduces the overall bulk of the phone while still protecting from scratches and shock, and the bright colors and beautiful styles make this an extremely attractive phone case.

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