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July 22, 2014

Comings & Goings: Marty Beard Takes Office as BlackBerry's New COO

Global communications giant BlackBerry announced on Monday that they had appointed Marty Beard to the position of Chief Operating Officer for the company. Beard's responsibilities as the new COO will include Marketing, App Development, Customer Care and Quality, and several other cross-function organizational duties. Marty Beard has an extensive history of experience with cloud-based communication programs as well as customer support, making him a good fit for the BlackBerry team.

According to John Chen, EO and Executive Chairman for BlackBerry, Beard is one of the best men available for the task at hand. “BlackBerry continues to attract top talent to the company,” he stated. “Marty brings extensive experience in operations, marketing and serving customers through the best technologies and processes available.”

The company hopes that Marty Beard will direct this same experience towards developing new ways to make the BlackBerry devices seem more attractive than their competitors, like Apple and Android, through a wide combination of strategies.

Beard's previous experience prepares him well for a variety of different tasks, which could be part of the reason for why he is responsible for several cross-functional duties. The position he last held was as the Chairman and CEO for LiveOps Inc., which was a major cloud application and customer service provider. Not only does this solidify his experience as a leader and organizer, but the combination of customer service and cloud resources means that he is used to delivering advanced services with a smile, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Before that he was the President of mobile messaging/commerce services unit Sybase 365, where he also held executive positions such as being the senior vice president of marketing. Beard's experience as both a marketer and a developer is valuable to BlackBerry, because he can work several angles at once to make BlackBerry much more relevant and visible than it is today.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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