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July 23, 2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Yahoo Sets Up to Purchase Flurry

Yahoo has been struggling to combat the company's slow decline into obscurity, and one of the avenues that it sees as a profitable venture is to go further into mobile technology. In order for Yahoo to remain relevant, the company needs to be present and visible on mobile phones.

Of course, doing so requires heavy research on finding out which kinds of apps users are most likely to have a favorable Yahoo experience with, as well as other user habits which improve the company's public image. Yahoo will accomplish this with their upcoming purchase of Flurry, a leader in mobile analytics.

Flurry helps its clients optimize mobile strategies with enhanced apps and more engaging advertisement strategies, currently supplying over 170,000 developers with vital business data. This helps client companies understand their audience, usage and performance in the mobile sector, which is exactly what Yahoo has been searching for. The acquisition will ultimately offer Yahoo the resources needed to explore new revenue opportunities with better apps targeted towards the best users possible.

While the actual amount that Flurry will be purchased for has not been disclosed as of yet, this money will likely be made back very quickly thanks to the income from more personalized and inspiring mobile apps. Flurry Analytics appears in an average of seven apps for each mobile device with any connection to Flurry, and sees activities from more than 1.4 billion devices every month.

That means that Flurry provides a comprehensive window into the habits of users all around the world (and indeed in 150 countries), making it an incredibly efficient tool for calculating statistics. Since more than half of yahoo's total visitors per month are using a mobile device, this means that the company needs to cater to this growing user group as soon as possible, which will be made easy with Flurry.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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