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August 01, 2014

Anite Announces Triton LTE Wireless Network Testing Tool

Wireless testing equipment manufacturer Anite announced this week its official launch of Triton, its LTE wireless core network testing tool.

The Anite website markets its Triton package as a suite of products that hold the place of the only multipurpose tool of its kind on the current market -- a laptop-size hardware device with multiple software components. It is geared toward mobile operators and network equipment manufacturers for such officials to diagnose and repair network issues while also analyzing network performance.

Mike Bonin, Anite's managing director, says Triton was created in partnership with Telesoft Technologies, a U.K.-based network monitoring company. Bonin commented further on this partnership and the availability Anite's newest product.

"The Triton product launch enables Anite's customers to benefit from a more comprehensive product portfolio from a single vendor," Bonin said in the official Triton product announcement. "We have brought Triton to market in partnership with Telesoft Technologies, extending our product expertise beyond Radio Access Network (RAN) test to include core network (Evolved Packet Core)."

Triton includes multiple applications that include survey record play (SRP), network discovery, roaming analysis, cell visualization, and device tracking. Anite claims that businesses can find cost savings through the use of this single suite to complete jobs which otherwise would require multiple pieces of software and hardware.

The device includes a touch screen and a full keyboard that offers its multiple applications from a single home screen. Users can complete LTE data analysis from 4x10GbE, provide field tests of LTE traffic, evaluate the overall health of networks, survey telecom sites prior to product installations, validate IP throughput and routing capabilities, and check the integrity of Layer 1 connectivity.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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