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August 04, 2014

Europe Still Dragging Feet When it Comes to LTE Adoption

While LTE is already become a tried and true network when it comes to cellular and mobile providers, there are still plenty of agencies and firms that are working hard on finally adopting the technology. While it is getting more popular, it isn’t yet a technology that everyone has, though that should be changing in the next 12 months. Europe in particular is taking a hard look at expanding usage of LTE, especially when it comes to Public Safety Officers and mission critical services.

Industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan, has just issued a new report that underlines the problem with wide scale adoption of LTE when it comes to PSOs and public mobile network operators (MNOs).

"Critical communications users are long overdue the benefits of LTE," said Frost & Sullivan’s Information & Communication Technologies’ Senior Industry Analyst, Sheridan Nye, in a statement. "Consumers are accustomed to receive streaming video to their smartphones. But emergency services and other agencies are frustrated by the limitations of narrowband data over their dedicated networks, which are highly resilient but designed primarily for voice."

LTE, and especially VoLTE, is gaining traction in every corner of the globe, including Asia and the Middle East. It only makes sense that European companies would double down when it comes to investing in LTE technology. More and more companies are popping up wanting to use Voice over LTE networks. The reasons behind these desires are rather obvious, considering just how much better the sound and transmissions are when using LTE networks.

While some companies are finding a way to partner with others in order to work over LTE networks, there is still a bit of mistrust about the technology in general. Public mobile networks are still relatively cautious. These firms still have to decide whether or not they truly believe they can recoup the cost of investment. While that seems to be a bit of a no-brainer, firms in Europe are still dragging their feet.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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