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August 04, 2014

Strategy Analytics Reveals Consumers Favor One Color for Their Mobile Phones: Black

Taste is subjective, and it is practically impossible to try and figure out what some one likes, you can take an educated guess, but there is no guarantee in determining the exact choice of a particular person. This of course is extremely frustrating for businesses that are trying to sell you something, because if they knew what everybody wanted, they wouldn't have to make items that didn't sell. A new study conducted by Strategy Analytics at its Wireless Device Lab surveyed consumers in five countries and found they preferred one color above all others when it comes to their mobile phone.

Even though mobile manufacturers have gone out of their way to introduce new colors, the survey revealed black is still the favorite.

Consumers in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and China were asked their preference when it came to color, and black was the overwhelming choice across a wide range of demographics.

In France and the U.K., more than half of the respondents stated black would be their choice for their next purchase. That number was lower in the U.S. and Germany, down to 45 percent, and China had the lowest number of people liking black at 38 percent. The survey also revealed the interest in black has been declining over the last six years, while other colors such as white are increasing in preference.

"In all countries males show a much stronger preference for a black phone than females…Further, while the greatest interest in color by mobile phone brand was for black, many brands showed above average interest for other color choices," said Monica Wong, Analyst and report author.

Strategy Analytics provides its customers the tools to understanding market dynamics from the most granular detail to the broadest view available. This includes market and competitive landscapes, company ecosystems and value chains, networks, systems, software, devices, components, and customer behavior and buying preferences.

It provides the solutions for wireless devices, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, entertainment and media, defense systems, telecommunications and related digital products and services markets.

"Handset manufacturers should continue to provide multiple color options for consumers to choose when purchasing a new phone. Introducing a variety of color options for a mobile phone provides the consumer with a more distinct and customized phone, with many finding interest in customization options such as that offered by the Moto X," said Paul Brown, Director Wireless Device Lab.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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