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August 07, 2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Syniverse Finalizes Purchase of Aicent

The leading global transaction processor specialist, Syniverse, has announced the completion of the company's acquisition of Aicent, a globally popular multiservice IPX provider. Syniverse's acquisition of the company will ultimately lead to an expanded global communications network with increased reach to mobile subscribers, operators and enterprises, particularly opening up the Asian market. The purchase, made to the tune of $292 million, is also expected to drive value for customers in the form of augmented real-time intelligence services.

“Combining our global networks, in particular increasing our direct IPX connections, will give Syniverse additional reach to help the world's mobile service providers deliver the connectivity end users demand and to fully realize the value of LTE networks,” said Syniverse president and CEO, Jeff Gordon. “With our customers as our top focus, we believe we are better positioned to deliver on the promise of mobile context throughout our expanded footprint for the exchange of real-time information, which we expect will ultimately lead to an enhanced mobile experience for end users everywhere.”

This purchase also solidifies Syniverse as a leader for both LTE roaming and interconnect services, allowing the company to deliver 4G mobile experiences and more, including VoLTE services. Syniverse also gained access to nine of the top ten international voice routes and 16 of the top 20 international roaming routes, which provides reach to approximately 50 percent of the global mobile population.

Gordon describes the merger as “an excellent combination of top mobile experts and networks,” which will ultimately provide an expanded footprint for the company, including direct SMS and MMS connectivity. Customers on their network will be happy to experience enhanced, contextual mobile experiences, as the company's in-region customer support and technology development departments have also drastically increased thanks to an increase in both manpower and enhanced networks.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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