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August 08, 2014

DataXoom Set to Hit ITEXPO with Presentations & More

With ITEXPO set to start up, running August 11 – 14 at the Rio in Las Vegas, there's going to be a slew of companies exhibiting products and offering commentary about the nature of the industry as a whole. Joining the fray will be DataXoom, whose CEO, John Tantum, will be offering up a panel discussion at the event that should provide plenty of insight.

More specifically, Tantum's presentation will take place at the Mobile Enterprise Expo, which is co-located with ITEXPO, and is more specifically devoted to the tools and operations of the mobile enterprise. Tantum's presentation, titled “Roadmap to Becoming an Efficient Mobile Enterprise” is set to take place August 12.

DataXoom has a particular capability that should appeal to any business looking to become a mobile enterprise; specifically, it offers up wholesale mobile data services. It's one of the first such firms to do so, at last report, and since it can offer said data, it allows the mobile worker to stay in touch with the rest of the operation and maintain the flow of work. DataXoom's operations run on the largest CDMA, GSM and LTE networks currently found, and since it operates as a wholesaler, it can offer key advantages that most mobile plans either cannot or will not.

It offers its data services without contract or termination penalties—just use the data up and don't order more to stop—as well as a set of data pricing options ranging from basic pay-as-you-go plans to pooled data plans offering between two and 10 gigabytes to even larger terabyte-level plans that allow a business to get just the amount of data necessary to run the operation to its fullest. DataXoom also offers the DX Command platform, a management system that allows administrators to manage all the users on the DataXoom plan from one centralized Web interface, making it easy to keep track of potential waste and make sure the data goes where it needs most to be. We have video on this and a variety of other subjects available at this link.

Anyone who's tried to work remotely knows how vital a properly-working network is. Remote work simply can't be done without it, let alone trying to keep in touch and properly collaborate. DataXoom is offering an impressive new concept here, a basic data system that treats bandwidth almost like a commodity, and provides a way to give mobile workers easy access to rapid connections. It's the kind of thing that probably should have been tried before now, but now that it's here, it's a wonder more businesses aren't doing this. It fits in with just about any possibility, it works around issues like data caps and the like by offering up large-scale data plans, and it allows for such incredible flexibility that any operation whose workers are mobile may well want to consider working with DataXoom.

Still, if anyone understands what it takes to become an efficient mobile enterprise, it has to be DataXoom, so for those interested in making one of those mobile enterprises, catching Tantum's panel at the Mobile Enterprise Expo should prove time well spent.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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