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August 13, 2014

151 Advisors' Steve Brumer Hits Mobile Enterprise Conference & Expo

When it comes to ITEXPO—currently running through August 14 at the Rio in Las Vegas—there are two key points to note: one, there is a huge quantity of firms there showing off the very latest in products and services in a variety of enterprise-related fields, from communication to storage and beyond. Two, there is likewise a huge quantity of speakers from throughout an array of industries offering up commentary and insight into issues facing businesses today. One such example came from 151 Advisors, who brought in partner Steve Brumer to deliver some of those insights during the event.

More specifically, Brumer offered up his remarks as part of the Mobile Enterprise Conference and Expo, one of the many events co-located with ITEXPO at the Rio. The presentation in question was titled “Making Money in the Mobile Enterprise, and focused particularly on how to derive that oh-so-necessary cash from enterprise mobility applications, related products, or services within that sphere. But no money-making enterprise is launched without some degree of challenge, and thus, Brumer also offered insight into the kinds of challenges that face such enterprises, especially in the earliest launch stages.

Brumer has a particular insight into this field, as his firm, 151 Advisors, is a strategic consulting firm that works with other firms worldwide to bring products—particularly mobile, wireless, and Web-based software products—to the North American market. That means 151 Advisors has seen plenty of  new products come and go when it comes to this field, and can thus offer up advice based on the products and services the company has already seen. It should therefore have particular insight when it comes to releasing new products and services in this field, and by extension, offer one more reason for folks to attend ITEXPO.

While Brumer's presentation took place August 12 at 3:30pm Pacific time, there's still plenty of time to hit the show and gather insight on the wider market. Meanwhile, for those who can't make it this time around, ITEXPO is a twice-annual event, the next such event set to take place in Miami, Florida at the Miami Beach Convention Center January 27 – 30.

So whether catching it in Miami or Las Vegas, the critical point remains the same: there's a lot of insight to be had at a round of ITEXPO, almost regardless of what segment of business technology one represents. From mobile software to communications and beyond, there's plenty of new information to be had here and plenty of new products available, whether a business is looking to take advantage of such tools, or is looking to become the latest such must-have tool for other businesses. ITEXPO, and the various events co-located with same, will offer up many of the tools required to be a successful new entry in several market sectors marked by extreme competition and a host of imitators, and Steve Brumer's presentation was just one part of a whole that covers an impressive array of fields.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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