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August 22, 2014

Sprint Ups the Ante with New Data Plan

Wireless service providers are in a constant battle to keep their customers while also trying to steal from each other in the same marketplace. Sometimes new plans are introduced that make you wonder how the company is making any money, but the promotions keep coming, and that is what Sprint has done with its latest bid to get customers to switch from other operators.

The announcement of the promotion came as Sprint got rid of the Framily discount plan. With this new plan, customers will have more data, which is something consumers have been complaining about from all the service providers as the adoption rate of smartphones in the US continues to increase.

The Framily plan didn't have the impact Sprint had in mind when it launched the promotion earlier this year and decided to use its customers as recruiters. The new Sprint Family Share Pack will double the high speed data at the same or lower price than AT&T or Verizon, this according to new chief executive Marcelo Claure.

The new plan allows up to 10 lines per account for $100 a month, which provides 20GB of shared data with an added bonus of 2 GB of data for each line as well as unlimited talk and text. A family of four for example can save $60 per month compared to AT&T’s and Verizon’s current pricing available until 2015. It comes out to double the data of Verizon, and more than double the high-speed data of AT&T and T-Mobile.

"Sprint is offering the best value to data-hungry consumers. Period. We are doubling the high-speed wireless data because today’s customers rely so much on their smartphones and tablets. We make it simple and easy for wireless consumers to get the data they need at affordable prices to make their lives easier, more productive and enjoyable," said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO.

The CEO is so certain of the service his company is offering, he said it will reimburse the cost to end the contract with another carrier if customers switch to the new Sprint Family Share Pack. The plan will be available starting Aug. 22.

The company also announced the additional deployment of Sprint Spark, a technology designed to deliver turbo data speeds. With Spark average wireless speeds of 6-15Mbps and peak wireless speeds of 50-60Mbps can be achieved on capable devices, with increasing speed potential over time. This will give users the ability to access new generation of online gaming, virtual reality, advanced cloud services and other applications that require higher bandwidth. Spark is now available in 27 markets across the country, with the goal of reaching 100 million Americans by year-end.

The announcement of the plan by Sprint comes only weeks after AT&T launched a similar promotion, with T-Mobile set to introduce its own family plan in the near future. This leaves Verizon as the only major provider not succumbing to the promotional blitz the other companies are launching.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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