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September 03, 2014

Sonos Improves Home Audio Packages with Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity

Whole-home audio systems are an excellent way to have music pour through the house at the press of a button, but are also notoriously difficult to set up and calibrate. Wired solutions create tangled messes that require complete overhauls with minute changes to the system, while wireless speakers often have trouble playing music in sync with the other speakers throughout the house.

Some audio solutions will try to solve this issue by creating special wireless bridges to create a smooth communication network for the speakers, but Sonos has taken this concept one step further and simplified it by developing Internet-connected speakers that can operate off of an in-home Wi-Fi network.

Today's high-speed Wi-Fi routers often pack enough power to manage far more data than a user is actually demanding of the router at any given moment, so Sonos wants to use that extra space to improve wireless audio networks for in-home audio systems. Through this, the speaker network performance is optimized throughout the house, and can deliver high-quality and clear audio without skipping a beat.

Additionally, Sonos is also debuting the Boost Wi-Fi range extender. Designed to expand the range of a Wi-Fi network for use with the speakers, other devices that use Wi-Fi connections will also be able to piggy-back off of the added space. Users will be able to control the network from a laptop, tablet or any other similar device from any corner of the house and have full control over what is being played over the speakers.

While Sonos customers with existing products are encouraged to hold on to their current setups for fear of breaking a system that already works, new customers will be able to install the home audio solution throughout their homes right from the box. With the holiday season coming in just a few short months, this release could not have had better timing.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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