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September 08, 2014

Cellular Detection System Claims Ability to Block Any Phone, Anywhere

Many businesses are, rightly so, trying to increase their smartphone connection speeds and make them more reliable. They sign up for the latest 4G LTE services, invest in business-class networks, and take advantage of the newest tech regarding high-definition voice and video calls. What would happen, if as a business, however, you did not want any of that? What if you wanted to halt communications entirely?

That is where CellAntenna Corporation can offer its services. This past week, CellAntenna announced its newest Cell Phone Threat Control System called CPC-Vulcan that allows users to detect and suppress all major cell phone signals within a designated area. Marketed toward law enforcement situations such as those in prisons and in baggage screening areas, the CPC-Vulcan actively detects GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE protocols and stops devices from sending and receiving signals.

Howard Melamed, the president and CEO of CellAntenna, explains in the company announcement that devices such as the CPC-Vulcan can save lives.

"With the growing threats posed by illegal use of cell phones, having the advanced CPC-Vulcan in any First Responder police department's equipment list can protect the public and save lives," Melamed said.

CellAntenna utilizes L-3 Linkabit's WideFire technology to power its device. WideFire is the service that identifies and halts mobile connections, and the CPC-Vulcan is the device that users can deploy either in permanent or temporary situations. Permanent use may include situations where law enforcement does not want any unspecified devices completing calls within an entire building for its months-long or years-long stay in such a building. Tactical law enforcement teams, however, may want to use the CPC-Vulcan on a more limited basis during emergency situations in any location which the teams would occupy.

CellAntenna also makes it known that the stated capabilities of the device are not its only capabilities. For agencies that "require more advanced techniques," there are other capabilities the company suggests it will only discuss with such agencies on a need-to-know basis. The company asserts that its technology can be used anywhere and block any cell phone without the need to address service carriers.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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