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September 08, 2014

Microgroove and Ingram Collaborate to Improve Mobile Experience

With more than one billion smartphones slated to be shipped out in 2014, the opportunities for mobile commerce solution providers is looking good. According to a Juniper Research report, the company estimated total global m-commerce via tablets and mobile phones around  $1.5 trillion and it is expected to exceed $3.2 trillion by 2017.

As the mobile platform continues to grow globally, businesses across all sectors have to implement mobile solutions if they want to remain competitive. Service providers are also combining their efforts to introduce solutions that will integrate the online and physical retail space to give consumers an all-inclusive experience. Microgroove and Ingram Content Group have come together to bring physical goods fulfillment and transactional capabilities to mobile applications so businesses can have new streams of revenue.

The new alliance will provide businesses with mobile applications a way to improve their mobile platform by integrating physical product suggestions and provide a checkout experience that is effortless for users.

Microgroove provides highly-specialized software to the ecommerce and entertainment industries, and by cross merchandising its products with Ingram Content Group Inc., a comprehensive publishing industry services company that offers physical book distribution, print-on-demand and digital services, it will be able to provide immediate access to millions of books and capitalize on Ingram's expertise.

“Ingram is pleased to support the Microgroove solution and provide them with the books and worldwide distribution they need to make this platform successful,” said Shawn Everson, Ingram's chief commercial officer.

The Microgroove Storefront is a free, easy-to-use turnkey solution designed to be easily implemented requiring only a few lines of code. The platform is optimized for mobile and touch devices, so consumers can access the website without compatibility issues or delayed access. It is engineered for easy deployment into the app with daily sales reports available 24x7 and a logistics partner who ships 10 million CDF packages a year.

The company sources products from millions of SKUs including books, music, video, entertainment merchandise, consumer electronics, sporting goods and more. Once you select the products it takes care of the inventory, retail pricing, fulfillment, customer service and returns. As the operator all you do is collect your 15 percent commission.

“We're glad to use Ingram's expertise and expansive distribution network to launch this platform, which is essentially a riskless form of retail. App partners earn a retail margin because they are the retailer, and they keep their users engaged within their own app experience,” said Phil Coady, CEO of Microgroove. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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