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September 09, 2014

HYLA Mobile Survey Takes on iPhone 6 Launch & Trade-Ins

With the arrival of the new iPhone 6, one thing is rushing to the front of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users' minds: what do I do with this old phone? It's not just those users thinking this, of course, as most every mobile device user is starting to consider the device currently on hand and how it relates to those devices about to be released. A new survey from HYLA Mobile, meanwhile, illustrates some of what's going on in those users' minds.

The HYLA Mobile — formerly eRecyclingCorps — study found that, when the time came to make the switch, consumers commonly prefer going through a current carrier to make that trade-in, above all other options. That's noteworthy enough in its own right, and a point that certainly suggests a course of action for carriers. But that wasn't all the insight the HYLA Mobile study had to provide.

When users are making the decision to sell or trade in a device, the most important considerations that come to mind are security, fairness of the transaction, and the overall price. Most consumers value getting a credit toward a new device from the current mobile service provider, and when it comes to iPhone owners, price is a much more significant contribution to the overall thought process. Android users were, overall, less concerned about price, which may have something to do with price differences between iOS and Android devices. But it's also clear that iPhone users have a particular fondness for trade-ins; HYLA Mobile recorded a 693 percent increase in trade-in volume in the hours immediately following the iPhone 5S' release, while trade-in value in that time went up 160 percent.

Additionally, HYLA Mobile discovered that men were more likely to trade in than women were, with women preferring to keep an old device as a backup should something happen to the new device. Those aged 35 to 54 were much more concerned about data privacy than the younger set was, and for those who didn't trade in a device, the reasons to not do so were either a lack of awareness that the option was even available in the first place, and for those who knew about trading in yet still didn't, the main reason was that the trade-in process was regarded as difficult and time-consuming.

Clear suggestions for mobile operators, meanwhile, can readily be derived from this information. Offer up plenty of information about trade-in programs, and on the off chance one isn't currently available, make it available. Focus on the security of the matter, and ensure that prices are commensurate with the market; if there's an obvious discrepancy, offer to match it, or perhaps offer credit on future bills. These are just some of the conclusions that the HYLA Mobile survey has to offer that can put some extra punch in trade-in programs at mobile vendors, and a great way for said vendors to not only drive customer trade but also encourage brand loyalty by getting the customers to stay with that vendor.

When the iPhone 6 emerges, so too will a new wave of interest in trading in old devices in favor of new. Will mobile providers take the lessons of the HYLA Mobile survey to heart and adjust trade-in programs accordingly, or will mobile providers potentially lose out on some opportunities to get inexpensive older devices for resale? It’s safe to say the astute mobile provider likely already has a plan in place.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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