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September 15, 2014

Ecrio and GCT Semiconductor Join Forces to Develop Optimized Turnkey 4G VoLTE Solution

A collaboration between Ecrio Inc. and GCT Semiconductor Inc. could soon deliver a Voice over LTE (VoLTE) phone solution to meet the needs of business and even residential customers. Ecrio is a leading provider of 4G LTE real time communications for the mobile industry, and a collaboration with GCT Semiconductor means working with one of the best designers and suppliers of advanced 4G mobile semiconductor solutions available. A combination of Ecrio's VoLTE software and GCT's Category 4 LTE Chipset will result in a turnkey LTE phone solution that meets the requirements for traditional landline replacements and is even compatible with 3G and 4G LTE upgrades.

Ecrio's patented FlexIMS software is capable of supporting a broad range of LTE device types, including LTE home/enterprise CPEs. In adition, the software also supports all mandatory legacy capabilities like FAX/Modem and regulatory E911 and TTY capabilities. “We are pleased with the span of home CPE applications of our FlexIMS technology and happy to join GCT in announcing this turnkey readiness milestione,” said the company's vice president of marketing and business development, Vikram Karmarkar.

GCT's GDM7243S Category 4 LTE Chipset offers an optimized and highly integrated LTE solution, which combines RF and baseband signals to achieve high performance abilities with the lowest power requirements possible. This consequently results in an extended battery life, further increasing the usefulness of VoLTE devices.

“By embedding VoLTE onto our LTE chipset, we have created a turnkey home gateway solution that allows for easy integration into a wide range of CPEs,” said GCT's vice president of sales and marketing, Alex Sum. “Also, our product allows for on-chip Codec with AMR-WB (G.722.2) for HD voice. We are delighted to extend our partnership with Ecrio to offer this industry-leading VoLTE solution.” As a result of this technology, OEMs and ODMs will be able to rapidly accelerate their future VoLTE-enabled product rollouts around the world.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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