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October 02, 2014

iluv Releases New Compact Charging Station Among Other Products

Mobile accessory manufacturer iLuv Creative Technology has just unleashed a new line of products designed to help smartphone users end their battle with batteries. Two of the most groundbreaking products part of this release are the Rockwall 5, which can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously, and the myPower portable battery pack device charger. Together, these devices will be extremely useful for those who have trouble keeping their smartphone's battery going and will help put an end to what experts refer to as 'battery anxiety.'

“For many mobile users, staying connected throughout the day is a must for both their professional and personal life,” claims iLuv Marketing Manager Jason Park. “But most of us know that being on our mobile devices for extended periods of time can make keeping them charged all day long a bit of a challenge.” Thankfully, Park is confident of iLuv's new devices' capability to do eactly that. “The Rockwall(R) 5 and myPower(R) portable battery series make it easier to keep all of your devices fully charged, helping you avoid the stress of finding yourself stranded with a drained battery.”

The RockWall(R) 5 device is more than just a compact wall charger with 5 USB ports, which is impressive on its own merits. Almost all USB devices are compatible with the wall charger so that more than just phones will see the benefit of multiple device charging solutions, including tablets, wireless speakers and even some wearable devices. The device is also able to automatically detect when it is in use to turn on by itself, and will even automatically configure its amperage settings to match the type of device it is plugged into and preventing dangerous overheating.

Meanwhile the myPower portable battery series, consisting of the 2600 and 5200 products, offers a mobile solution to an unexpectedly dead battery. Simply plug the device into the compact battery and the stored power is shortly restored to it. In the event that the device must be used as an emergency power source, an included LED flashlight is built directly into the system.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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