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October 10, 2014

XCOMGLOBAL Offers Affordable Wi-Fi Hotspots Throughout the World

When TMC CEO Rich Tehrani recently traveled to Barcelona for business, he got to enjoy all the benefits of broadband he’s used to back in the U.S., without incurring exorbitant costs. Tehrani utilized XCOMGLOBAL’s mobile hotspot solution for service, an increasingly popular choice for global business and leisure travelers as well as mobile users throughout Europe and Asia.

Tehrani got a chance to chat with Joe Fennell, COO of XCOMGLOBAL, at the recent INTEROP New York 2014 event. Fennell explained that the company’s bread and butter is renting out mobile Wi-Fi hotspots at flat rates, providing broadband speeds that are up to five times faster than typical hotspots for multiple users, at an attractive price point. The company has also begun to upgrade their services throughout the world, moving to LTE in Korea just a couple of months ago.

“We’re expanding LTE and throughout Europe, while we still rent the 3G product, we’re also starting to launch countries with 4G,” said Fennell. “So we’re looking first at the UK and then we’re going to expand to some of the major countries throughout Europe.”

The company operates using an arbitrage strategy through which they buy up large amounts of broadband, and subsequently resell it to both individuals and corporations at an affordable price point. The offering is appealing to consumers and businesses alike.

“We offer you a mobile hotspot, 10 people can connect to it at once, they can share the data, its unlimited and you pay just a flat daily rate on the rental service,” said Fennell.

With service in more than 175 countries, the company has a solid business plan in place and is banking on continuous expansion. Fennell also added that a customer recently reported achieving 6 Mbps download speeds on Germany’s infamous Autobahn roadway. The customer did not report how fast they happened to be traveling when they enjoyed those speeds.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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