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October 17, 2014

New York City Subway Adds Wi-Fi to 40 More Stations

Some people just can’t live without Internet access and, thanks to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Transit Wireless, the New York City subway’s more than 47 million monthly riders won’t have to much longer.

The second phase a in a project to extend Wi-Fi to all the city’s subway stations has just been completed, adding Wi-Fi to 11 more stations in Manhattan and another 29 in Queens to the system.

"Adding and improving wireless service at more subway stations provides a much-anticipated boost to riders’ experience in one of the world’s busiest and oldest subway systems, while offering an added level of security," New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said. "A more stable network below ground ensures that riders and first responders can seamlessly communicate in events of emergency, which is essential in a system that carries millions of passengers every day."

Some of the stations wired under Phase II of the project include Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Avenue Station, Jamaica Center Station, Court Square Station, 42 Street Bryant Park Station, 34 Street Herald Square Station and Grand Central 42 Street Station.

The plan is to wire all 277 subway stations with Wi-Fi by 2017 in seven phases. Another 39 stations are expected to be connected next year.

Transit Wireless partnered with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Wireless to operate the network. Princess Cruises is sponsoring the network, which will be free of charge to all users.

“The wireless connectivity provided by the four major U.S. carriers is the core of our network and ensures everyone can have connectivity and access as we roll-out stations in Queens and expand coverage underground,” Transit Wireless CEO William A. Byrne said.

If New Yorkers, commuters and visitors know they can keep working on their devices even underground, they might decide to make the city even more of a business destination. Of course, the city is already a hub for international business and culture.

“Bringing wireless service into our subway system is the latest milestone in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s effort to use technology to improve the service we provide for our customers,” Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Thomas F. Prendergast said. “Whether you’re checking your email, calling your kids or looking for emergency assistance, wireless service will bring the conveniences we’re used to above ground into the subway system."

Edited by Alisen Downey

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