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December 09, 2014

Accuris Networks Talks Biggest Wi-Fi Trends for 2015

Anyone who owns an Internet-connected device has dealt with the frustrations of a poor service plan. For example, if booking a European vacation a customer may choose to leave his or her smartphone at home for fear of being hit with exorbitant international roaming fees. Even at the domestic level, more consumers are hopping off of their dedicated 3G/4G connections in favor of Wi-Fi for added convenience and cost savings.

This move to Wi-Fi among consumers is driving Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to build out Wi-Fi footprints in swarms. In fact, 64 percent of operators have built their own carrier-grade Wi-Fi in selected areas; 43 percent have partnered with service providers to support their Wi-Fi strategy; and MNOs will deploy over 10 million hotspots by 2018, according to data from the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA).

Accuris Networks, a leading provider of convergence, roaming and interworking solutions helps support operators looking to more strategically serve customers with Wi-Fi and, subsequently, better monetize their Wi-Fi solutions. The company’s AccurROAM Server, for example, is a one-stop-shop for network delivery that supports networking, database, and operations, administration and management (OA&M) capabilities at just a fraction of the cost of alternative options.

The solution offers MNOs with a fully integrated platform that connects their existing and emerging broadband networks (e.g., GSM, CDMA, LTW, Wi-Fi) with advanced smartphone client software, servers, gateway and billing solutions, which enables them to identify new revenue streams and monetization plans. Meanwhile, the service offers subscribers a seamless user experience both domestically—say, at Starbucks—as well as internationally. Facilitated by Accuris and its seamless subscriber authentication process, subscribers can customize their service no matter where they are or what network availability they have.

From cruise lines to private jets to sports arenas, Accuris has been facilitating seamless, transparent Wi-Fi user experiences for its customers. “If you’re on a cruise, the minute you turn on your phone you’ll get hit with 15 texts and a number of voicemails,” Simon O’Donnell, Sr. Sales Director, Americas told MobilityTechzone at a Boston Editorial Day. “We augment and custom tailor service so that anyone can use it on their own terms—from the business executive who can’t get away from his or her phone and needs to check email everyday to the subscriber who wants to hop in and check voicemail periodically.”

In other cases the need for wireless communications is crucial—even life saving. O’Donnell cited, for instance, the Red Cross where Wi-Fi hotspots can be set up for first responders.

Accuris saw a very exciting and successful year in 2014. The company in September received a $15 million investment and hired wireless industry leader Jeff Brown as new CEO. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Accuris holds offices in Malaysia, Boston, Dublin and will be revealing an all new office location in 2015.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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