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December 22, 2014

Zappix Visual IVR Solution Offers Easy Path to Higher Customer Satisfaction

Imagine a world in which you never had to navigate through a tedious IVR system to reach customer service or otherwise communicate with a business. One of the biggest customer service complaints on the planet is the needlessly confusing maze that consumers are forced to wade through to get the assistance they need, and now a simple alternative is available.

At the recent TMC Editors Day 2014 Boston, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani spoke to Gal Steinberg, vice president of marketing at Zappix. Zappix offers a Visual IVR solution, which provides a simple means for consumers to use their smartphones to navigate customer service menus and options rather than frantically pressing zero again and again in a vain attempt to reach a live human.

According to Steinberg, companies deal with a large percentage of misdirected calls from those frantic zero button pushes, not to mention the frustration consumers experience along the way. Providing customers with a visual way of navigating customer service that puts them in control of the interaction—leading to much more satisfied customers in the long run.

“Instead of the traditional IVR system where you have customers call in and you have to go through this maze of phone options, we provide a visual way of doing it through a smartphone, using the smartphone real estate in a much smarter way,” said Steinberg.

After customers visually browse through their options and find what they are looking for, they can choose the communication or interaction mechanism as well. For instance, they can be connected by phone to a certain person or department, or they can initiate an email. But they also have the option of watching a video, accessing social media and even downloading files like forms. Visual IVR may be accessed as a native application on any device or through the Web.

What’s more is that the Visual IVR process is easy on the enterprise end as well. Steinberg said a non-technical person can use the Zappix drag-and-drop interface to build a complete Visual IVR in a matter of days. The management console also makes additions and changes easy to implement.

Merchant Warehouse, a provider of payment technologies and merchant account services, announced it was using Visual IVR to provide mobile customer care to its merchants earlier this year.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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