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January 27, 2015

Telinta Announces New Global Roaming Service at ITEXPO

The remote workforce is growing more and more each day, but mobile communications can still be an issue while traveling abroad. Providers tend to hike up prices and add extra fees for roaming while using their services. But when business calls overseas, workers are stuck between a rock and a hard place—neglect important communications, or keep operations flowing for a hefty price. That is, this was a tough spot for businesses until now.

This week at ITEXPO Miami, Telinta, Inc. announced its new TeliSIMTM Starter Program, designed to let telecom service providers enter the market for GSM mobile roaming more easily. This is largely due to the fact that TeliSIM offers mobile voice, data and SMS services to travelers by integrating cutting edge GSM technology with Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform. By taking advantage of cost-effective cloud hosting, the new service makes mobile roaming significantly more cost-effective for telecoms to provider, and for their customers to use. Through use of the cloud, VoIP termination replaces more expensive termination from mobile operators, thereby cutting the costs of global roaming.

“Unlike other solutions which are SIM-based only, TeliSIM uses the power of Telinta’s cloud-based softswitch platform, enabling service providers to offer local numbers from their own DID providers, mapping as many different DIDs to a TeliSIM SIM card as needed,” explained Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta, which provides global, cloud-based VoIP switching and billing services. “This means end users can enjoy having a local phone number virtually anywhere they travel.”

In order to draw in telecom service providers to try out TeliSIM, Telinta is spicing up the deal by ensuring that all customers will qualify for the three-month TeliSIM Starter Program, as well as training and 24x7 live technical support. The plan itself comes with a host of benefits, including low-cost roaming agreements with over 600 mobile operators around the world, and free roaming in over 150 countries. Participating telecoms will also receive assistance when making key pricing decisions for each market and destination they serve, thanks to the free TeliSIM Pricing Guide offered through the Starter Program. The guide includes TeliSIM rate sheets with costs, estimated VoIP termination rates by destination, and suggested retail pricing.

Telinta is keeping busy at ITEXPO Miami this week. In addition to announcing its new global roaming service, Telinta’s vice president of marketing and sales, Anthony Stiso, will be leading a panel discussion on Jan. 27 titled “Innovative Mobile Solutions for Global Communications.” Stiso will host the panel alongside executives from companies Voxbone and IDT, both of which are part of Telinta’s ecosystem of partners serving the needs of VoIP service providers around the world.

Visit Telinta at Booth 423 during ITEXPO to learn more about its new TeliSIM program and other offerings.


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