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February 18, 2015

Mobotix Decentralizes Security and CCTV with Intelligent IP Cameras

Security cameras and CCTV are everywhere in our society and they largely blend into the background for most people. But the networking and systems powering these devices can be vast and complicated, leading to management and security headaches that can quickly spiral out of control.

German camera manufacturer Mobotix is in the business of simplifying security and surveillance, and they do this by putting all the intelligence directly in each of their cameras. MobilityTechzone.com Senior Editor Peter Bernstein got a chance to speak to Presley Divanna, inside sales manager at Mobotix, at the recent ITEXPO Miami 2015 event.

According to Divanna, while people want to see what’s going on in their place of business or their home, they don’t necessarily want to invest in expensive and complicated infrastructure to ensure equipment is connected and monitored appropriately. Mobotix eliminates this problem by offering completely IP-based, intelligent systems that are contained within each camera.

“Each camera is a solution in itself,” said Divanna. “Meaning that every single camera is a CPU that runs Linux, which is integrated into the camera itself.” Cameras are completely decentralized and work independently of each other, just like a laptop, PC or any other intelligent device. They may be custom programmed and are easily accessible and controllable, to perform tasks like changing the camera view or accessing a certain timeframe of footage.

Mobotix rolled out the i25 compact-sized hemispheric camera last year, built on the company’s 5MP hardware platform. Features include 360-degree views and the MxMultiViewer video management software. The hemispheric technology and full range of views are benefits the company has been implementing for years as a market leader in security and CCTV. Mobotix has also traditionally promoted a decentralized network infrastructure.

Additional benefits of Mobotix solutions include no moving parts on any of the company’s cameras, not even on the lenses or sensors. Each unit offers around 80,000 hours of life expectancy as well, enabling the company’s resellers and integrators to provide lots of added value to their customers.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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