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February 18, 2015

Coveo Hits Activation Milestone

Coveo has long been one of the strongest companies on the market when it comes to enterprise level search-based applications. This past week the firm announced it had hit an important milestone with its 1,000th enterprise activation mark. The applications are geared towards helping employees up skill as they work and the large number of activations has been spurred on by strategic partnerships throughout the industry. Along those lines, Coveo credits a recent partnership with Sonus Networks as one of the reasons it was able to hit the important milestone.

The 1,000th enterprise activation mark is certainly an important one, but it isn’t the only piece of good news Coveo was able to recently report. The company says that in the fourth quarter of 2014, it recorded the highest number of customer interactions and transactions it has ever seen in a single quarter. What’s more, the firm’s numbers in this category were more than three times the number seen in the previous year’s fourth quarter.

“The fourth quarter of 2014 was the best quarter in Coveo’s history for both new customers and revenue bookings and we’re very excited to have reached the 1,000-enterprise activation mark,” Louis Tetu, chairman and CEO of Coveo said in a recent statement.

Sonus became the company that pushed Coveo over the top. It realized its continued growth had gotten it to a point where its agents needed an enterprise level search application because of the growing number of incoming customer queries. When looked at like this, both firms were benefitting from expanded success and unprecedented growth in their respective verticals. Sonus ended up activating Coveo for Salesforce, Service Cloud and Communities Edition in order to get its agents, operators and customers the best up to date searches and information it could possibly provide. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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