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February 23, 2015

Ericsson Unveils New Ericsson Radio System

Despite the fact that Ericsson is in the long process of reinventing itself, the firm isn’t going to be tucking its tail between its legs and giving up in the next three years. The fact that the company still very much wants to be looked at as one of the leaders in the tech world despite its struggles was recently underlined by the announcement of some new solutions the firm hopes will lead to a generational shift in how mobile networks are built moving forward.

In particular, Ericsson unveiled the Ericsson Radio System that changes how networks are built. The network is focusing on flexibility. The company says it is now looking towards the shifting demands that are going to be coming with the impending release of 5G networks.

The new Ericsson Radio Network is said to work especially well when it comes to eliminating the need for site acquisition issues that come with the rail system. This new system adapts to any site and has a zero floor footprint as well as an easy and quick installation process. Best of all is that this particular solution is supposed to be able to bring performance leadership at half the size of weight of other solutions in this market. That means a better look and feel and also brings the cost of ownership down by about 20 percent.

The Ericsson Radio System is going to be effective not only for the firm but also for the operators who are using the system out in the world. Because of its ability to adapt, there won’t need to be a wholesale replacement situation when 5G does indeed become a reality. The network can be changed and improved depending on requirements of the area. Because the network is able to adapt more easily, it will save the operating companies more money because they won’t have to install different equipment based on the situation. If the network allows for 5G in one city and doesn’t have that capability in another, the operator can simply shift the focus, instead of building new transmitters.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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