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February 26, 2015

ShelterBox & Flowfinity Get Together to Improve Disaster Response

A disaster is the kind of thing that no one wants to experience from the inside, but when such things happen, everyone wants the most rapid response possible.  ShelterBox and Flowfinity, meanwhile, have gotten together to help people engage in  disaster recovery efforts. The system calls on the best features offered by each side of the partnership to make for smoother information flow - even when conditions on the ground aren't the best.

On the surface, the pairing is perfect for the operation. Flowfinity has made something of a name for itself in enterprise mobile apps, helping to reduce paperwork involved in an operation, while at the same time working on a sufficiently mobile level to make it workable for pipeline inspections and field data for the oil and gas industry. Couple this on with ShelterBox, a company that focuses on providing emergency shelter and supplies for areas of the world that have recently experienced a disaster, and some clear opportunities for progress emerge.

With Flowfinity's help, ShelterBox can roll out mobile apps to replace some of the paperwork that an operation like ShelterBox depends on in the field. Reports suggest that ShelterBox has already tried some of the Flowfinity tools in places like Paraguay, the Philippines and Serbia with iPhones and discovered some significant advantages, thus the plan is to step up the use of a system that has demonstrated its effectiveness in the field. Plus, reports also suggest that ShelterBox will also be putting the Flowfinity technology to work in an iPad app in both Spanish and English, once again turning to Paraguay as the testing ground.

It's always good to know that excessive paperwork won't get in the way of helping people, especially those who have been recently struck by disaster. It's not really a magic bullet solution, of course, but it will likely trim down the amount of time, and therefore money, spent on administrative efforts. While these efforts are necessary to get supplies where same are needed or effort where it needs to go, it doesn't directly fill a stomach or provide protection from the elements. Thus, the minimum amount necessary is desirable, and tools like Flowfinity's should provide that extra boost to slim down the administrative side of things. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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