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March 09, 2015

Truecaller's Truedialer App Replaces Android Dialer, Supports Multi-SIM Phones

Truecaller, a search technology company, has released a new version of its Truedialer that it says re-imagines the phone dialing experience.

Truedialer, available on the Google Play store, replaces the standard Android phone dialer with something that’s more flexible. Users see a list of contacts as with the standard dialer, but it can also identify unknown numbers.

Users can also switch between a dial pad and a keyboard showing their favorite contacts, similar to “speed dial” on a landline phone. They can swipe to add recent callers to their contacts, as well as search phone numbers to find who they belong to.

The biggest selling point for Truedialer is its support for dual SIM cards. While most phones in the West only have one card, it’s common in emerging markets. In places such as India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Thailand, and the Philippines dual-SIM Android phones make up 40 percent of new phone purchases.

These phones are popular because they allow users to sign up for more than one provider. For many mobile providers, it’s cheaper to make calls to users in the same network. Having two networks increases the chance that a contact will be in the same network, saving subscribers money on calls. People who do business internationally also find these phones useful for avoiding roaming charges.

Truecaller claims that it supports over 500 dual-SIM phones. The app makes it easy to switch between SIMs by pressing a button in the lower right corner of the screen.

“Supporting Dual SIM devices is not a matter of choice for us, it’s a central part of the phone experience for our users,” Nami Zarringhalam, Truecaller co-founder and chief strategy officer, said. “With every new release, we are taking one step closer to making Truedialer a complete replacement of your default dialer and we look forward to expanding our relationships with OEMs and operators to meet the growing demands of our users globally.”

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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