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March 12, 2015

NordVPN Launches Secure VPN App for iPhone

NordVPN is already one of the top virtual private network providers in the United States.  Earlier this week the firm announced the launch of an iPhone App that brings its popular VPN service to the mobile platform. This particular application comes complete with promises that users will have protection against hackers as well as full-fledged anonymity on the Internet for mobile users.

By using this new mobile application, NordVPN iPhone users have some real control over the level of security they use while they are surfing the net on their mobile devices. iPhone users are now not only able to browse anonymously, but also able to secure their Wi-Fi connections against hackers while also unblocking any content they want while bypassing restrictions for certain content access.

Virtual Private Networks are getting bigger and bigger when talking about the business world. In fact, it almost seems as though they are a necessity these days. Despite that fact, VPNs aren’t all that well known when it comes to the mobile platform. Despite the fact that VPNs haven’t really picked up the pace when it comes to mobile, it’s likely something that will gain popularity, as business travelers are using their mobile devices more often for more work.

“The threat of being hacked or monitored is very real for anyone with a mobile phone," Marty Kamden, Marketing Manager for NordVPN said in a recent release. "Having your personal data breached is only one unsecure Wi-Fi connection away. Just as antivirus was mandatory for anyone with a computer, using a VPN must be ingrained in the mindset for anyone using an iPhone. NordVPN makes sure your data stays yours, anywhere you go."

The NordVPN iPhone app is the best way to go when talking about mobile users that need protection from hackers and malware when they are connecting to the web using unsecured WiFi. The application has more than 52 super-fast servers that encrypt your data and have a 24/7 hardware monitoring.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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