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March 27, 2015

Synacor Rolls Out Cloud ID SDK for Mobile App Authentication

In a bid to help customers speed up and simplify development of mobile applications, Synacor has announced a new Cloud ID Software Development Kit (SDK). The solution also aims to help developers improve the mobile consumer login experience for their customers while offering high levels of authentication.

The new offering is geared toward developers, OTT providers and MVPDs and may be rolled out in days. It can be used to add a layer of authentication to any mobile app, a major benefit for Synacor’s customers, including communications providers, device manufacturers and developers.

Features of the new Cloud ID SDK include auto authentication for consumer in-home access to media without requiring credentials, as well as a number of social media logins. The solution also supports both iOS and Android native apps and offers fraud management and attack prevention.

"Cloud ID SDKs make for a rapid onboarding experience for our customers building and operating mobile video apps, speeding time-to-market and opening-up Synacor to broader market segments," said John Kavanagh, senior director, identity management for Synacor. "Reaching tens of millions of cable TV and satellite TV accounts, our Cloud ID Authentication platform has become a preferred choice among OTT providers."

Service providers can take advantage of reduced development costs by using Cloud ID SDK as well as the ability to personalize the media consumer experience and offer enhanced value. Synacor plans to add out-of-home auto authentication as well as single sign-on across mobile apps to the solution soon. The new features will let consumers access a variety of apps without re-entering their credentials each time.

Synacor has been concentrating on the video market lately, and earlier this month the company announced a partnership with thePlatform, a provider of white-label video publishing solutions. Synacor is offering integrated solutions featuring thePlatform’s back-end video management system as well as multiscreen video workflow, policy management and playback services.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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