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April 06, 2015

Mobile Technology Review: Cyntur JumperPack Mini

The term "mobile workforce" is thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really need? It needs mobility perhaps first and foremost, but mobility isn't always easy to come by. It requires mobile devices, and a means of transportation. Our friends out at Cyntur sent over a JumperPack Mini for us to review, and this is one device that will keep just about every part of the mobile workforce up and running.

The Cyntur JumperPack Mini is essentially a small battery contained in one hand-held package, complete with a kind of molded grip. The JumperPack Mini also comes with a set of short jumper cables and an AC adapter to help charge the device. It includes an LED flashlight, a USB charging port, and a set of four blue LED lights on the side to show how much of the battery is charged at any given time.

Image via Cyntur

Trying out this particular device came with a lot of different options, since the device itself is actually capable of so many different functions at once. I started with the battery and the flashlight, and discovered it to be quite capable. The flashlight was extremely bright, and as an added bonus, when I went to shut it off, it started flashing. I thought that was odd at first until I noted the pattern the light flashed in: it was Morse code, S-O-S. That's just the kind of thing that would be particularly helpful for someone who'd become stranded by the side of the road, which could happen all too readily to a mobile worker. Admittedly, I would have liked to see a separate control for the strobe function, but that's a very small complaint.

But it didn't stop there. When putting the device to use on an iPod Touch, the resulting recharge was smooth if a bit on the slow side. It was also simple; two connections and a button press and power was going merrily into the device, and took a little under 30 minutes to fully recharge from about 20 percent. Finally, the jumpstarter functions; I took the jumpstarter to a lawn mower and discovered it connected simply and started up the motor readily. So for it to work on a car engine makes perfect sense.

The device itself is easy to use—virtually all of its functions are a button press or a couple connected cables away from activation—and carries very easily in a specialized hardshell case. A net pouch inside holds the device, and a recessed side panel holds the jumper cables or any other cables desired. Those interested in picking up one of these can get it for $99.99 out at Amazon.

I'm very impressed with this device. It lights up a room, it recharges devices, it signals for help in an emergency, and it can even restart a car with a dead battery. What's more, it can even do several of these things in succession, and the battery will even hold a charge for as much as a year. That's a good long time, and coupled with the sheer amount of versatility that this device has to offer, it's an excellent value.

The Cyntur JumperPack Mini is powerful, easy to work with, and not particularly expensive. Mobile workers should find plenty of value in a device that can charge devices and jumpstart a car, and that makes this one well worth keeping on hand for anyone who spends a fair amount of time on the road.

Pros: Incredible versatility, great value, easy to work with

Cons: Could have used separate controls for the strobe function, somewhat slow recharge speed

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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