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May 04, 2015

Lantronix Unveils New Mobile Printing Capabilities

Lantronix, a specialized company that is providing smart IoT and M2M solutions to other companies around the world has just announced that its xPrintServer-Office Edition mobile printing solution has been added to Ricoh’s growing line of top notch network accessories. Ricoh, in turn has plans to resell the xPrintServer so that its customers with a  mobile solution that allows for quick and easy wireless printing for iPads, iPhones and any other iOS enabled Apple devices.

While using the Lantronix xPrintServer, users can enjoy a “plug-and-print” solution that allows for customers to print right off of their iOS devices. They can do this using any printer they want without having to install special software or applications. Users just have to plug in the xPrintServer on their Local Area Network and it will automatically find any printers that are on the network.

The office edition of this platform finds printers on the network but also allows for the ability to have several security and enterprise management features. These security moves include remote authentication, active director management and proxy server support. "Ricoh is a global leader in information mobility for today's changing workforce, with a strong legacy of introducing new technologies into the workplace and a deep expertise in managing and accessing information," said Kurt Busch, president and CEO of Lantronix in a recent statement.

The best news about this particular solution is that it doesn’t work with just iOS devices. IT personnel will find it extremely easy to hook up their Mac computers or even PCs. By being able to do this, the xPrintServer solution is one that works to complement Ricoh’s line of network accessories that provide the flexibility to easily move well beyond what the usual network cables are able to offer when it comes to connections.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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