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May 06, 2015

Let's Face(book) the Reality that SIP is Not the Answer

I am moderating this ‘Birds of a Feather’ session (WebRTC Signaling -- Are we SIPping the Wrong Kool-Aid?) at the WebRTC World Conference and Expo next Thursday, May 14, at 12:15 p.m., at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami. It promises to be lively and ruffled (to continue the feather analogy).

This open and interactive session will focus on whether SIP is a valuable, interoperable capability of WebRTC or a major challenge and issue. Have we missed the point of enabling the Web with Interactive communications? The Web is more than phones, and the browser supports a host of opportunities. The lesson of Skype is that we can gateway without having to restrict ourselves to phone numbers, telephone sets and legacy networks.

I hate to say this, but the reality is that SIP has, rather than “buried the dead” (as Henry Sinnreich would say) instead become their shroud (Anyone want to pun along with me should yell “The Shroud of Turn”)?

WebRTC has all these possibilities from social to speech recognition, but somehow always gets highlighted as call centers or off-premise extensions.

In other words, we talk about calls rather than sessions.

We are constantly talking about solutions that look like a service Nadji would have highlighted last century.

Now let’s go look at Facebook using WebRTC for Video, and guess what? No SIP. You know why? 

Not because SIP was bad, but because the premise was what can we do to build a scalable Web App. 

That starts you with MQTT or CoAP, Websockets and Node.JS.

It does not assume that ICE, STUN or TURN are needed.

Now to be clear, this assumes a closed community and that represents problems of equal importance to me personally, (lack of Emergency Services, no NSA support or consumer protection, etc.).

It does, however, open the interaction to all that the user wants to experience and interact with, and not the 12-button navigation system that is barely alphabetically friendly.

At this “Birds of a Feather” we intend to aspire and retire. Aspire to new services and retire the notion that voice connectivity restricts our interactive strategy.

Please join us.

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