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June 01, 2015

Sensory Introduces VoiceDial Android App

Sensory has announced the availability of its VoiceDial hands-free dialing app for both Android phones and tablets.

The app, which uses Sensory’s TrulyNatural voice recognition software, is available in the Google Play store.

"The technologies we create at Sensory are extremely versatile solutions that allow us and our licensees to develop practical applications that greatly improve the user-experience of mobile devices and other electronics," said Bill Teasley, vice president of engineering at Sensory. "VoiceDial is an exciting application that utilizes the robust capabilities of our recently announced TrulyNatural embedded large vocabulary voice recognition solution. “

The app, as the name suggests, lets users dial contacts using voice commands. It goes beyond other apps by attempting greater recognition of different accents using regional language models. It also attempts to recognize speech in noisy environments. VoiceDial hands off the processing to its cloud architecture, which allows for a more lightweight client app.

The safety applications for the app are also obvious. Hands-free dialing apps are useful in cars because users don’t have to fumble for their phones. VoiceDial automatically recognizes when users are in the car and will launch automatically without the user having to start up the app.

Teasley is optimistic about the future of VoiceDial and the TrulyNatural software that powers it.

“We designed the application to be simple in its function yet advanced in its performance, while being able to respond completely free of any haptic input from the user,” he said. “VoiceDial is just the tip of the iceberg. We are very excited about the numerous other features our TrulyNatural technology will soon provide, such as seamless hands-free control of music, calendar and navigation, just to name a few."

While the English version is currently available, Sensory plans to introduce versions for Asian and European languages in the future.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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