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June 08, 2015

Euclid Analytics Selected by HP Retail as Wi-Fi Location Analytics Provider

Instant access to virtually every product and service on mobile devices has forever changed how consumers make a purchase. While in the past comparison-shopping meant looking through ads in the paper and going from shop to shop, today all it takes is a smartphone or tablet. This convenience has empowered consumers so they can search for the item they are interested in to find the best price no matter where they are. And increasingly, online retailers have been winning the price battle compared to brick-and-mortar outlets. However, people still prefer shopping in stores than they do online, and retailers are doing all they can to integrate digital technology into their business. The latest such integration was announced by Euclid Analytics, a global Wi-Fi location analytics provider, which was chosen by HP Campus Network for Retail solution.

The Euclid platform is designed to give brick-and-mortar retailers a solution that is able to integrate existing technology to improve their relationship with their customers. The company chose Wi-Fi, because it was the most effective way to make these connections possible for retailers.

Essentially it provides similar metrics to what online retailers use by measuring store visits, shopping time and repeat visitors so these data points can be analyzed to execute more effective marketing and operation practices.

“In a world that's now defined by Wi-Fi, retailers want innovative solutions that are easy to deploy, scale fast and bring data-driven decision-making into the stores – and the new HP Campus Network for Retail solution fits the bill on all counts,” said Brent Franson, CEO of Euclid Analytics.

The HP Campus Networking for Retail platform unifies wired and wireless networks into a single and simplified solution delivering more reliability so it can be managed and upgraded with faster deployment and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). By delivering reliable connectivity, customers and employees will be able to deliver consistent network experience to get wire-like performance from wireless networks.

With reliable connectivity, centralized management and open standards with flexibility, HP is able to provide an architecture that allows retailers to bring a connected experience to their physical stores.

"As our retail customers increasingly cater to the connected shopper by offering Wi-Fi in stores, they are also looking for ways to monetize the network through location-based analytics," said Dom Wilde, VP of Product Management and Marketing, HP Networking.

Euclid’s solution is easy to install and doesn’t require upfront hardware costs, and once it is up and running it can provide retailers with:

  • Specialized insights to attract more shoppers, deliver better experience and measure how each location can better engage and retain these customers.
  • Business context to identify events, performance factors, departments and cost centers that are relevant.
  • Location analytics that allows detailed information to view event tracking, store performance and visitor flow across all departments in multiple locations.
  • Define chain-wide strategy with a view of cross-location visits as well as attribution and predictive analysis.

According to Euclid 82 percent of retailers have deployed Wi-Fi connections in their stores. And as the rate of smartphone adoption continues to increase, store across the country will be able to deploy Euclid’s Wi-Fi location analytics along with the HP Campus Network for Retail to get a clear picture of how their stores are performing.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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