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June 22, 2015

xG Technology, Itellum Deploy xMax Wireless in Costa Rica

xG Technology is the developer of the xMax all-IP radio network system that enables wireless communication on a wide range of terrains through the use of radio signals while also remaining compatible with traditional cellular networks.

This type of wireless technology, xG recently announced, has found a perfect fit in Costa Rica where its partner, Itellum, has begun the first of many installations in the country by launching xMax in the city of Escazu. Costa Rica is covered in mountainous terrain which can present several problems regarding signal strength and coverage for traditional networks. xMax is meant to overcome those obstacles, and as Tim Foss, CEO of Itellum points out, it is making an example in this geographical area.

“Despite operating in a high-density urban environment, we are obtaining excellent coverage using xG Technology networking equipment deployed as both fixed and mobile infrastructure,” Foss said. “In addition, performance has exceeded expectations, and we are already achieving full system throughput of approximately 2 Mbps. We look forward to extending the network throughout Costa Rica, and we are developing plans for deployment in additional countries in the region.”

George Schmitt, the CEO and board chairman of xG, confirmed this statement with his assertion that this deployment stands alongside many other installations his company has completed in countries across the globe. This could end up benefiting many countries in Latin America if the use of xMax continues to progress despite the hardships of both natural and man-made interference.

Earlier this year, xG was awarded its second patent of the year for development of techniques to combat interference such as terrain and other man-made signals. The latest patent, “Interference Rejection Method Based on Multiple Sub-Band Projections,” attempts to keep wireless signal performance levels high for the benefit of many industries that rely on strong, continuous coverage. These industries may include public safety and military outfits that are often charged with responding to natural disasters and other emergencies. They cannot afford to be without communications that work well.

It has only been about a month since Itellum completed its initial setup in Costa Rica. From here, it will be important for both their partners and xG itself to continue monitoring progress in the region. Expansion to other areas of Latin America will surely depend on the success it shows in Escazu.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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