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July 01, 2015

Quest Diagnostics Rolls Out MyQuest for Health

NBC 4 and Telemundo 47’s “Health and Wellness Expo Presented by Quest Diagnostics” happened this past weekend at MetLife Stadium (formerly known as Giant’s Stadium) in East Rutherford, NJ. During this event, Quest provided free health screenings where they do blood work to look at people’s blood-sugar level, cholesterol, kidney functions, and vitamin D. This is the third year of the event and the second year Quest has provided the health screening. In total they have screened over 1,200 people at the show. The interesting aspect of the screening is that it is connected to their mobile app / Web portal called “MyQuest”.

I spoke with Benjamin Baruch, Commercial Marketing Specialist at Quest Diagnostics. Normally his job is focused on keeping athletes healthy. Quest has a strong tie with the NY Giants as they look to maintain the athletes’ health and performance.

However, MyQuest as an application has a simpler task. To engage the user with the information from their lab results in a way that impacts the patient. Now normally, I would not think this is a big deal but in listening to a TED talk about patient interaction, it occurred to me how little I understood my lab results. I probably grok the bill better than the lab report and so when I visit the doctor they will spend the time to highlight what they consider the important part of report.

If the report is extreme enough and the doctor forceful enough, it may impact my behavior for a few days.  However getting me engaged enough to work on making the change permanent is the real task.

In effect this is the benefit of the MyQuest App: to engage me enough to actually develop a good habit (or end a bad one).  It also has the goal of making the lab results something a patient would understand and not just a differential from the norm.

To be clear, Quest Diagnostics does have analytics and benefits from having a large database of health information. However, the app is aimed at the personal side of the health.

Now, I doubt I am going to be startled by the results of the data, since I just had my regular checkup recently, but the app may make it so the next checkup is something more than a future appointment on my calendar. I may actually pay attention in the meantime to the app on my phone.


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