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July 01, 2015

Vox Mobile Partners with Appthority

Enterprise mobility solution provider Vox Mobile has announced that it’s partnering with Appthority to help its customers secure their mobile applications.

The partnership is intended to help close the “M-gap,” the security problems that companies have with mobile applications, especially those installed by users themselves under BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

"Working with an industry leader like Appthority is a natural fit," Vox Mobile CEO Kris Snyder said. "Enterprise mobility management is a relatively mature industry, but app security is increasingly a concern as customers deal with accelerating change and mobile devices evolve into the new desktop in an environment with heightened security concerns. By working with Appthority, Vox Mobile can ensure app security and provide an excellent end-user experience, which are the conditions enterprises require to close the M-Gap. With successful deployments in Europe and Australia, we feel it is the right time to bring Appthority to the US market."

As more businesses adopt mobile devices, they’re facing greater security challenges. Personal devices frequently mix both business and company data, and administrators are already struggling to keep the two worlds separate on BYOD devices.

It’s also hard to tell exactly what apps are doing. Appthority tries to solve this by looking deeply at what the code is actually doing, no easy task given that they’re dealing with binaries without source code access.

Appthority can also block apps on certain criteria, such as connecting to certain countries. It also interfaces with existing MDM software, so it’s a natural for Vox Mobile to partner with them.

Appthority claims over 600 customers.

"By automatically identifying risky behaviors in millions of mobile apps, large enterprises can deploy their mobile program knowing corporate data is safe,” Appthority vice president of sales Pam Brodt said.

Vox Mobile has also recently partnered with another mobile threat prevention company, Wandera.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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