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July 08, 2015

Random Thoughts I Should Probably Keep to Myself

Mobile Games Theory

I play slot games on my mobile phone not for money, just for play.  I am not sure if the same is true for true gaming, but my slot apps all report back to the “Cloud” every stupid spin.  The result is the game gets caught up in delays and crashes.  I am not sure what genius was involved that said connecting to the mother ship was the right answer, but it truly is painful. 

Net Neutrality and ‘Glamour’

Glamour is the code word for things the Supreme Court said “They know it when they see it.”  That’s one thing that occurred to me, besides the fact that as an industry they have been ahead of the curve since day one when it comes to the Internet. Yet I don’t think they have ever complained about Net Neutrality. I also know in the old phone companies, ‘glamour’ as a topic was considered something to be discouraged if not blocked. I also remember reading a Nanog.org analysis that showed that their Content Delivery Networks were well suited for delivery without delay.  So if they know how to work around carrier preferences, I find it hard to believe that Net Neutrality is a real issue. (Sidebar. I asked my audience last night if my discussion about “glamour” vs. Net Neutrality would be offensive. The best quip back was “Which one?”)

LoRa Alliance Meets This Week in Paris

LoRa as an alliance is going to be a very interesting meeting.  There are a lot of Lo Power Wide Area strategies in play and everyone is in a wait-and-see mode, but positive that they are gathering forces. The nature of these solutions is that they are designed for closed systems and interoperability is not a priority. This means that the most interesting part will be the discussion about certification. We have lots of ‘proprietary’ solutions converging as the certification is probably going to be easy to achieve but hard to find implemented. For more information go to the LoRa Alliance page.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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