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August 17, 2015

iHome Announces iSP5 SmartPlug

iHome has announced the iSP5 SmartPlug, which allows any user to turn their electrical appliances into smart devices without rewiring their homes.

“iHome products are already in more than 30 million homes and we've built a reputation over the last decade as a highly trusted consumer electronics brand. The move into the smart home market was a natural fit for us," iHome CEO Ezra S. Ashkenazi said. "The iHome iSP5 SmartPlug, the first in our series under the iHome Control label, offers consumers the ability to turn virtually any small appliance into a smart product that can be controlled remotely with almost any iOS or Android device."

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The iSP5 SmartPlug provides an affordable entry point for people interested in home automation. They won’t have to hire an electrician to rewire their outlets or buy new appliances. They’ll use their existing appliances instead. It also works over existing Wi-Fi networks and doesn’t need a hub.

The smart plug works with any existing household outlet and can be programmed to control household appliances such as space heaters, coffee makers and stereos, among others.

Using the iPhone and Android apps, users can program “scenes” such as the user being away from home, and controlling all devices in a room connected to a plug. Users can choose predefined scenes or create their own schemes for controlling devices.

It also works with Apple’s HomeKit and Siri to allow iOS users to control devices through voice commands. Apple has named iHome a launch partner for HomeKit, a framework that lets developers create home automation iOS applications and smart home devices that interface with iOS.

The SmartPlug retails for $39.99 on iHome’s website and on Amazon. iHome said that it is planning to roll out the SmartPlug to retail stores soon and introduce more smart home products in the coming months.

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